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The Art of The Doll WebRing consists of sites that promote dolls as works of art. These works are one-of-a-kind, or very small limited edition pieces hand-sculpted and created solely by the artist. No commercially available molds or reproductions of other artists work are used, nor do these dolls start life in another commercially available doll form such as in redesigned, repainted, and redressed commercial dolls. Medium's run from terra cotta, cloth, polymer clay, name it! The dolls range in genre from fantasy (as in fairies, elves, ultra-realism in children and adults).

Below is an accepted description by many foremost Art Doll Organizations of what an art doll is: Some descriptions vary slightly with different groups but the standard is the same.

The Art Doll is a work of art drawn from the mind and hand of the artist and not bound by the same rules as dolls in other categories. It doesn't not have to be recognizable as a human form. It may be dressed or not. If dressed, the clothes may be carved, sculpted, glued on etc. Any media is permissible and likely. The art doll is judges by the same criteria as any other form of art, i.e., by the principles of design, scale, proportion, contrast, dominance, rhythm, balance, and must be judged for what it IS, nothing else.

This is what your ring link code should look like.
(you probably won't get the background texture on the right side unless you know how to adapt the code yourself to add the second graphic.)

The Art Doll Ring





The Art Of The Doll Webring Rules

Please Read!

1. Sites in the ring must conform to the description at the top of the page.

2. Your site does not need to be solely Art Dolls, nor do all of the dolls on your site have to be Art Dolls. However, the Art Dolls should be easily located and separate from the other dolls. It is preferred that the ring code be place on the page or opening page of the section that highlights your original dolls. If you choose to place your code on a Webring or links page, then you need to provide a clearly and easily found link on that page to the section of your site where your dolls are located.

3.  Redesigned dolls such as Barbies, or reproduction dolls are not permissible if they are the only dolls on your site and your site does not focus on or feature other dolls fitting the description above.

4. No pornography please! I'm not talking about the occasional sculpture of a nude figure if that is what you are into. What I don't want to see on your site or in your links to other sites, is material that exploits children and women and yes even men for the express purpose of gratifying sexual desire. You know what I mean, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck then it probably is.  If I find such material on your site, or links to such sites, I will remove you from the ring.

5. When you fill out the join form, you can make up any password that is easy for you to remember. The Site ID # can be any word or number you like.

6. I reserve the right to remove your site at any time for any reason if I feel your site is no longer abiding by the above rules and guidelines.

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